Podcasts on MSP, DevOps, and Remote Engineering:

The AlphaDev’s Way:

  • IT Glue’s MSP Show: Focuses on the business of Managed Service Providers, often featuring discussions on DevOps and remote engineering practices within the MSP context. https://www.itglue.com/
  • Cloud Security Podcast: Explores how MSPs can navigate cloud security, often with DevOps-related topics interwoven. https://risky.biz/
  • Cloud Tweaks: Covers topics like cloud adoption, automation, and remote teams, relevant to both MSPs and DevOps practitioners.https://cloudtweaks.com/podcasts/



Remote Engineering-Focused:


  • Startup to Exit: Shares insights and stories from entrepreneurs and investors, often touching on topics like scaling businesses with MSPs, adopting DevOps practices, and managing remote teams.https://tim.blog/2015/10/29/startup-vacation-2/
  • The Tim Ferriss Show: Though not specifically focused on IT, Tim Ferriss frequently interviews high-achievers from various fields, including those with experience in remote work and scaling businesses, offering valuable nuggets of wisdom applicable to your context.https://tim.blog/podcast/